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Monday, August 29, 2005

Biscuits, Raspberries and Tomatoes... Oh My!

So a weekend in review is in order, I suppose... and a great food weekend it was.

Friday night, I felt like I needed to make up the whole Crock-Pot fiasco to my husband... so I greeted him at the end of his long day with a nice glass of Pinot Noir, and a pretty little simple nibbles plate that contained some plump Kalamata and Black Beauty olives, some yummy almonds, some wine biscuits and some Parmesan (the good stuff!) drizzled with balsamic vinegar. It was a little gesture, but it worked!

Now a word about wine biscuits. I picked up a little bag of these on a recent trip to Truro Vineyards in Truro, Massachusetts (that's on Cape Cod, folks). Now, Steve and I were only impressed with one of the 10 wines we tasted that day (the 2001 Triumph)... but in the obligatory stroll through the gift shop, I picked up this little pack of "American Vintage Wine Biscuits"... I selected the white wine, shallot and cayenne recipe. Holy goodness... you can definitely taste a little hint of wine, nicely balanced by the sweetness of shallot and a little hit of cayenne in the aftertaste. These were great... they made a great little nibble, and I bet would be a fabulous base for a quick goat cheese hors d'vours. You can get 'em, too if you click the link!

This weekend, I also managed to try out a great recipe from the most recent issue of Cook's Illustrated... Raspberry Bars! Now, I like a bar cookie as much as anyone else, but I agree with the troubles that Cook's pointed out in the test article: usually, the bottom is soggy, the filling is skimpy, or the topping is crumby -- figuratively and literally.

Well, this recipe is delicious, as you can tell by the lip smacking of my dog Simon when the bars caught his attention:

Sunday was the Heirloom Tomato Festival sponsored by the Hoboken Historical Museum. They lined up all sorts of heirloom varieties from a local farmer, and provided "back to back" tastings. Now, not only are these tomatoes a funky looking, diverse and flavorful bunch, they have fabulous names that, in my opinion, make them even more fun to eat: Aunt Ruby's German Green, Tigerella Orange, Brandywine Pink or Yellow, Green Zebra, and -- my favorite -- Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter (so-named because there was a man named Charlie who grew and sold so many of his prized tomatoes that he paid off the mortgage on his radiator repair shop!)

So anyway, off I whent to the small walkway passage on the Hudson River where the Historical museum is, and wowser... thatsalotta tomatoes! I tried all of them, selected a few... and came home with my bounty, which I promptly sliced up, paired with some fresh mozzarella and basil, sprinkled with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, and drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil.

Moral of the story is: go get yourself some heirloom tomatoes while the gettin' is good!

So that's it for my weekend... Oh, before I go... a non-food-related item: I also got sucked into a few hours of Celebrity Fit Club on VH-1 on Sunday... and boy, that drill sergeant Harvey is a piece of work. He has a new exercise video out... and the commercial came on during a break in the show. As I was sitting in front of the TV, he pointed to me (I swear), and said, "Instead of watching celebrities get fit on TV, why don't you get off your fat ass and workout with my new videos!!"

I think he was speaking to me. Me -- with a quite large hunk of full-fat mozzarella in my mouth made calorically acceptable (in my mind, at least) by the fact that it was accompanied by tomatoes. Yes, Harvey was speaking to me. And I did, in fact, go to the gym this morning. So thank you, Harvey... thank you.


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