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The Fabulous Foodie, hosted by Chef Aimee, is an online account of one amateur chef's kitchen successes and mishaps, recipe and product roadtests, and food experiences. Chef Aimee's philosophy is that Food Is Love, and her blog contains reflections on the connection between fabulous food, a happy marriage and solid-gold friendships.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Who is the Fabulous Foodie?

So who is the mysterious Fabulous Foodie?

Well, I'm a decidedly amateur chef -- although by comparison to most of my friends (one of whom has a recipe called the "Burrito Bachelore") and my husband (whose cooking has two types: boiled or burnt), I'd probably be deemed gourmet.

I'm a lover of food... all food. Except for raw oysters. Forget what they say about aphrodisiac properties and all that -- I can't get past the fact that they feel like cold phlegm as they slip down your throat.

I'm a frequent guest at restaurants all over New York City (where my office is), and also in Hoboken, NJ (where my home is!)

I'm fairly sure I could have been the next Food TV Star, but I missed the entry deadline.

I could have been the one to tell Gordon Ramsey to "Stuff It!" on the reality program Hell's Kitchen, but I couldn't afford to leave my day job.

I'm an avid kitchen gadget junkie, frequent surfer of Epicurious, a sucker for speciality food products, a collector of cookbooks and hoarder of back issues of Cooking Light, Gourmet Magazine, Cook's Illustrated and Food and Wine.

I'm the secret girlfriend of Christopher Kimball (see the Cook's Illustrated link to read about the bow-tied genius) -- but don't tell my husband!

I could potentially could be the biological daughter of Ina Garten. Ina if you are reading this, I would like to come have dinner on your East Hampton estate with you, Jeffrey and any random selection of your gay friends... I would gladly cheese for the camera, make food-orgy faces and echo each description of your recipes with a hearty, "How bad can THAT be?!" E-mail me, Ina! E-mail me!

This is all to say that while my professional ventures from 9-5 are focused in an office in midtown Manhattan, most of my other mindspace, spare time and creative urges go to the pursuit of beautiful food -- eating it, creating it, and thinking about it.

I started this blog so that others could benefit from my mishaps and successes in the kitchen, so that I could spread the word about the great (or awful) products or recipes I test, and so that others might catch onto the lesson I've learned well: Food is Love.


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