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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Word From My Mother....

"You're sabotaging yourself!" My mother called me at work to let me know she loves my new blog... but felt the need (predictable!) to let me know what the Food is Love philosophy could do to my waistline.


"What are you doing making things like raspberry bars?"

I informed her it was only sabotage if you ate more than one (or three)... she seemed stumped.

"You mean you don't feel compelled to eat all four corners, and then even off each row of bars as you go along????"

Well, if I'm honest... yes, I do feel compelled to do that occasionally -- because after all, I am her daughter and such things are genetic. As I've mentioned before, I may actually be the biological daughter of Ina Garten, but it doesn't really matter because something tells me Ina's down with the four-corner trick, too. But I resisted with this batch...

The truth is that the Food is Love philosophy has to be balanced...

You'll be happy to know, Mum, that I used up the remaining heirloom tomatoes last night in a light orzo and tomato salad, and grilled up some chicken breasts to serve alongside. No raspberry bars. No full-fat mozz. Everything in moderation, after all, and after spending all weekend in moderation-land, I returned to the level-headed, responsible path of good-for-you, sensible food; and showed up for penance with my trainer at New York Sports Club this morning.

Which brings me to the point of this post, I suppose: is there a line that crosses between a healthy food passion and a gluttonous food obsession, and how fine is it?

It's an issue familiar to most foodies. Check out The Amateur Gourmet's recent adventures with a pound cake before his appointment for a cholesterol test. Good luck with that, my friend... I hope it's in the normal range. I wonder if there is an herb or other supplement that disguises such indiscretions in your blood... like goldenseal supposedly works to hide drugs in your system (Note to Lance Armstrong: Goldenseal is available at GNC.)

Or, check out this beautiful post in Words to Eat By, which she so eloquently titled "Exile in Fatville". And indeed, that's how "that place" feels. I know. Check out her recap of the exile, which prominently featured Fish and Chips, Hot Dogs and other road trip food... and then spun itself into a very sad place... where in a difficult and trying time, food was a comfort, a diversion...and a friend. Since then, she's been getting on track with Weight Watchers, a program which I myself use with success (and failure), but mostly success. You go, Debbie! Good for you!

So can one be a healthy, fit foodie? Can you trust a skinny chef? There's a woman in Hoboken who hosts a site called, "Skinny Chef", and while my first instinct on reading her site was to hate her and the metabolism she rode in on, the more I read, the more I liked her. You know why? Because she embraces moderation, doesn't deny herself, revels in the beauty of food... but she also balances it all yoga-like with a healthful approach.

I've had an unhealthy relationship with food at times in my life... and I've had a healthy (but passionate) relationship with food, and feel I have that now. Food really is Love -- a way of expressing it, anyway. But it's not a substitute for it.

So thanks, Mum... for reminding me of that the line between sabotage and moderation is in fine, indeed... and I need to be ever-aware of not stepping over it.

So a challenge to me (and to you, if you choose to play along)... 7 days of healthful food -- a recipe a day, a post a day -- that fits in my philosophy as well as my pants.


At 4:35 PM, Blogger SkinnyChef said...

Dear Chef Aimee,

I was tickled when I read your post about my site! And yes, I have to agree with you about moderation in food - which I haven't always practiced in my youth. I think I became a cook to find a better outlet than eating!! I would love to be listed on your blog under "Blogs from other Fabulous Foodies"...


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